“I know what kind of care I want and like choosing my own carers”

Keith is in his seventies and lives with his wife, in a warden-controlled flat in Yorkshire. They have been married for almost thirty years. He is assisted to live at home by Lydia, his support worker, whom he has chosen through a personal budget with HomeCareDirect.

Keith has rheumatoid arthritis and severe osteoporosis. Despite this, Keith has adapted well and continues to do as much as he can. Keith has difficulty swallowing and can eat his wife’s wonderful home-made soft meals but has a gastrostomy (PEG) feeding tube for additional nutrient supply and medications.

Keith employed Lydia as his support worker before coming to HomeCareDirect. When he received additional health funding from his local health authority Keith was put in touch with HomeCareDirect. We worked with Keith and his family to ensure that he could use the funding to have Lydia provide the additional hours as he needed – “Keith knows what kind of care he wants and likes choosing his own carers”.

At HomeCareDirect we are dedicated to supporting people to live independently in their own home with personal budgets. We find that helping our clients to choose their own carers is a fundamental and enjoyable part of that process. We ensure that all the employer responsibilities are taken care of – such as tax, national insurance, invoicing, payments and training – so that our clients and their families don’t have to worry. Lydia says that she has seen an improvement in Keith since having a personal budget – “There’s definitely been an improvement in Keith’s health – he’s able to get to all his appointments and he’s taking his medication regularly, not missing them as he used to do. Everyone keeps commenting on how well he looks!”