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Personal Budget

Personal budgets were introduced to England with the purpose of enabling individuals in need of support to have more control over how they are cared for. Previously many people who needed care and support felt that they were isolated and had no say in how they were looked after. Personal budgets aim to encourage the personalisation of care.

Previously if you required care you would be visited by a social worker, who would complete an assessment in order to evaluate your needs. The services and funding would then be based on the assessment and organised on your behalf. Personal budgets are very different, a social worker will still need to do an initial assessment, however you or the person managing your money, can be allocated funding directly from your local authority or CCG as a personal budget. This gives you the opportunity to arrange your own care and support, choosing from all the available services not just council arranged care.

Personal budgets are a way of recognising that every person’s situation is different, and you and your family are experts in your own situation and should therefore remain in control of it.

How can I use my personal budget?

Although each circumstance is different, funding is usually used to pay for professional care services or care and support provided by family and friends, attending events and organisations and for purchasing specialist equipment to aid the care giving process.

How can Home Care Direct help?

Home Care Direct is one of the UK’s leading care organisations that specialises in personalisation. We provide a range of services to individuals receiving personal budgets. We are passionate about care services and believe you should have the choice and control over how you are looked after.

Although we recognise that you have the right to choose your own services and employ your own personal assistants, we also understand that not everyone wants the responsibility of being their personal assistant’s employer. With Home Care Direct you will be able to choose your own services and personal assistants, but we will employ them on your behalf. This enables you to remain in control and benefit from your personal budget, without having the stress of complicated employment procedures.