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Personal Health Budgets

Personal health budgets give people with long term conditions and disabilities more choice and control over the health care and support they receive.

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A personal health budget is an amount of money, provided by the NHS, to support your health and wellbeing needs. Personal health budgets are a way of helping you to be involved in discussions and decisions about your care.

Your care and support plan is central to this. It will help you to decide how your budget is spent and how it can be used to meet your health and wellbeing outcomes.

Your personal health budget can be spent on any service that is set out in your care plan. There are certain things that you cannot spend your personal health budget on. We can support you to identify equipment, items and services that you can purchase from your budget in order to meet your identified outcomes.

At HomeCareDirect, we offer a personal health budget service described by the NHS as the third party approach. We can hold the money for you in your own managed bank account and help you decide how to spend it.

We will then ensure that all the admin is taken care of on your behalf, so that you can concentrate on making the most out of your budget. All the services described on our website are designed to help make directing your own support via a personal health budget as easy as possible. Please have a read through and give us a call if you have any questions.

At the bottom of the page, we’ve included a couple of handy guides to personal health budgets from the NHS that will provide you with further information.

There’s also a wealth of information on personal health budgets at NHS England’s website


Understanding Personal Health Budgets

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Personal Health Budgets Guide – Third party budgets: the families’ perspective

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