Helping you make a success of directing your own support

At HomeCareDirect we’re helping people up and down the country to take control over their care at home, either through a personal budget, personal health budget, direct payment or for people who pay for their care themselves. Imagine being able to choose your own personal assistants to provide your care at home and then organising them around your own routine – with HomeCareDirect that’s a reality!

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An Introduction to Personal Health Care Budgets

New to Personal Health Care Budgets? Learn more about personal health care budgets and how they can be provided as part of continuing health care (CHC).

Video provided by NHS England.

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Direct payments

Direct Payments

Direct payments and Personal Budgets are a way of recognising that every person’s situation is different and that you and your family are experts in your own situation and should therefore remain in control of it.

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Personal health budgets

Personal Health Budgets

HomeCareDirect offer a highly commended and innovative third party support service to help people direct their own support via a personal health budget.

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Case managers / solicitors

Case Managers/Solicitors

HomeCareDirect work in partnership with case managers and solicitors to provide professional, tailor made services to people requiring bespoke rehabilitation and support packages with a truly person centred approach.

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