In our November email news letter we lead with an article on the length of home care visits could be monitored by CQC.  This focused on the news that care minister Norman Lamb has revealed the next steps in the government’s crackdown on problems in the home care system. The CQC will be able to inspect councils over 15-minute care commissioning, he insists.

Norman Lamb

Since the people who HomeCareDirect support choose their own personal assistants (PAs), direct their own care and plan their own rotas we don’t experience the impact of these short multiple calls first hand.  However, we know that this kind of care is widely used within the industry and councils have been commissioning short multiple calls for many years.  We feel that to provide high quality personalised care in 15-minutes is not a realistic prospect and we welcome the news that CQC will be inspecting the commissioning of these care calls.

This created a great response from an experienced carer Mandy who said she “completely agrees and that home visits should be monitored and even have spot checks (unannounced) so that everyone concerned can rest assured that the relevant care needs are being met.”

She went on to say “10-15 minute home visits doesn’t give carers enough time to ensure everything is done hence why they rush the job and accidents happen, things get overlooked etc….to provide personal care takes a minimum 30 mins visit.”

She all commented that in her opinion that “No wonder there is so many bad carers giving us good carers a bad name….frustrated is not the word!!

We thank Mandy for her comments and wanted to share a carers point of view with you all.  With all the negative press stories we all hear about care at home services it is easy to forget what a brilliant job the majority of carers out there do and that they are often put in these difficult positions and it is not what they envisaged when starting a career in care. This is why we here at HomeCareDirect are proud to work in a truly personalised nature.

Please get in touch with us here to share your thoughts and experiences of short care calls or 15-minute home care visits.