Personalisation champions Self Direct have released a new manual called Self-direction: The key to a better life to help individuals and professionals when implementing self-directed support.

Self Direct Book

It’s written by people with first hand and direct experience of making self-directed support work, including inspiring stories of self-direction in action.

There is guidance on areas to avoid and improve when supporting someone to take control of their life and Dr Simon Duffy outlines the practical implications of putting self-directed support into practice.

The main focus of the manual is on success stories from Self Direct members, which show how people’s lives dramatically improve when the core Principles of Self-directed Support are put into practice. The seven principles of independent living, entitlement, self-determination, openness, flexibility, learning and contribution can be used to assess whether people are being supported to achieve self-direction in their lives.

Vital information for: Services, organisations and people who want to implement self-directed support, social workers and support workers, families, carers and people with learning disabilities.

HomeCareDirect are happy to be one of the contributors to the manual and to support such a helpful publication. We recommend you order a copy through the Self Direct website here.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the Self Direct book and your views or experiences of personalisation so please get in touch with us here.