Benefits for your Personal Assistants

HomeCareDirect will employ your personal assistants on your behalf, meaning they have the benefit of being employed by an experienced and passionate self-directed support service.

At HomeCareDirect, we believe that in order to have a long term, stable support package delivered by a great care team, it is important that your personal assistants are happy and well looked after. Therefore, our service is not only designed to help you direct your own support – it’s also designed to support your personal assistants to successfully work in this innovative and rewarding way. HomeCareDirect employ hundreds of personal assistants nationwide on people’s behalf. If you choose us to employ your personal assistants on your behalf, you’ll not have the responsibility of being their employer whilst they’ll have the benefits of being employed by an organisation with a wealth of experience of supporting personal assistants.

With HomeCareDirect as their employer, your personal assistants will:

  • Have the support of an organisation with many years of experience working with personal assistants
  • Receive higher than average pay – because there’s not the overheads associated with being employed by a traditional care agency
  • Only work with you – we will not send them to other packages of support – so they will not be travelling or rushing between houses
  • Be trained specifically on how to support you
  • Access to a human resources team to discuss any issues before they become a problem
  • Have access to a 24/7 telephone support line
  • Have a dedicated Care Facilitator and Community Nurse to support you daily
  • Have regular supervisions and opportunities to further their professional development
  • Have access to a pension, sick pay, maternity and paternity and holiday pay

If you, or any or your current care team, would like to talk to a personal assistant about the benefits of being employed by a third party such as HomeCareDirect, please let us know and we’ll put you in touch.