The little boy of a close friend of one of the HomeCareDirect team is very poorly and needs your help!

Morgan who is 2 years old was diagnosed with a brain tumour in August and he has been in Queens medical hospital, in Nottingham ever since. He’s had brain surgery to take a biopsy and they tried to remove some off the tumour but couldn’t as its too dangerous for Morgan, So far he has had 14 General anaesthetics and 7 surgeries but sadly the brain tumour is inoperable and his prognosis doesn’t look too promising. He has 2 brothers, a step sister and an 11 weeks old sister so things are really tough for them all at the moment.

A fund raising site has been set up for him to try to raise enough money for the family to take him and his siblings on a family holiday to Euro Disney to try to give them some happy memories. There are also lots of local events planned for him.

If anyone feels that they could support Morgan the link below would take you to his fundraising page.

For any of you on Facebook he also has a page on there with all the events organised and updates on his condition

All of us here at HomeCareDirect wish Morgan and his family the best at this difficult time and we hope this article inspires you to make a donation too.