Care is in crisis – Ask George Osborne to take action and Invest In Care in the 2014 budget.

Care in Crisis











As part of the Care and Support Alliance campaigns to keep adult care funding and reform on the political agenda, a social media thunderclap has been arranged to encourage George Osborne to make greater investment in care a top priority.

A thunderclap allows many individuals and organisations to all broadcast one message at the same time on Twitter and Facebook. When you sign up in advance to the thunderclap the message is held until a set date and time, giving chance to make as much unified noise as possible, at the best moment.

UKHCA and HomeCareDirect encourage as many people as possible to join the Care and Support Alliance in this action on March 19th. The action has a social reach of 460,000 people, and it is hoped that number can continue to grow. To participate, or for more information, please click the following link here.

The Care and Support Alliance are made up of over 75 charities and third sector organisations who have come together to campaign for better funding for adult social care.

The campaign has the following focus:

On 19th March, Chancellor George Osborne will tell all of us how he plans to spend our money for 2014. This means we have a key chance to tell him he must making investing in care his top priority. Thousands of older and disabled people rely on care to carry out everyday tasks like getting up in the morning, making a meal and going to work. But our care system is in crisis! It cannot cope with a rapidly ageing population and people living longer with illness and disability. Cuts mean that half a million older and disabled people have lost their vital support in the last five years.

What should George do on 19th March?

We need urgent action now so that older and disabled people get the support they need. The Care and Support Alliance is asking Chancellor George Osborne to act now and end this crisis. By adding your voice to the thunderclap, you will join thousands of people – who like you – think we need to invest in our care system. If we get enough support Thunderclap will send out everyone’s message on Facebook and Twitter, reaching thousands more people. Support the thunderclap now and tell George Osborne to invest in care in the budget.

HomeCareDirect have supported the Care in Crisis thunderclap campaign and we encourage you to do the same here.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this so please get in touch with us here.