Case Managers – why use HomeCareDirect?

HomeCareDirect work in partnership with case managers to provide professional, tailor made services to people requiring bespoke rehabilitation and support packages

HomeCareDirect work with case managers nationwide, and have many years experience working in partnership to achieve high quality, person centred yet cost effective outcomes for people in need of support.

Working in partnership with us prevents case managers/case management companies having to be registered themselves as a care provider with the CQC.

By using the HomeCareDirect service, people can choose and organise their own personal assistants rather than having to go through expensive, conventional agencies. We will employ the chosen personal assistants on behalf of the individual and ensure they are trained to meet their individual needs.

Chosen personal assistants can be neighbours, friends, family members or someone found through advertising and interview by our using our recruitment services.

Once the ideal support team has been identified, we will employ them on the individual and family’s behalf, taking full responsibility for all employment matters, payroll and legal responsibilities.

If required, we will also work with case managers to transfer existing personal assistants/support teams over to our employment.

For individuals receiving support, this means they will have a personal assistants team that they get to know well and trust. For case managers, it means they can work closely with the same personal assistants team to strengthen the rehabilitation process.

Ongoing, we will then work closely with all parties to ensure that people have the help to direct their own support whilst ensuring that everything runs smoothly on a day to day basis.

Case managers can use our bespoke budget creation software and are involved at every step of the support package design, ensuring high quality, robust and cost effective solutions that will stand the test of time.

Once on-going funding is agreed, we can continue to employ the staff team that are already in place, so that the support continues un-interrupted, should the person/family wish.

What are the benefits of the HomeCareDirect approach?

  • Person centred support leading to better outcomes for all involved
  • Lower overheads and costs than a conventional care agency, leading to lower overall costs yet higher pay for carers – producing stability within packages
  • Employ family members or friends to be personal assistants
  • Allow individuals and families the freedom, choice and control not found from a conventional care agency
  • Person specific training – personal assistants are only trained in what is needed for each support package – leading to a personalised service at lower costs
  • 24/7 telephone support for clients, families, personal assistants and case managers
  • A dedicated, single point of contact who knows the package inside out
  • HomeCareDirect takes full responsibility for all employment matters, PAYE, tax, payroll services and national insurance
  • Fully insured service – so no need for separate insurances
  • Legal assistance with employment law and any grievances and issues arising from care


“As a case manager for clients who have a brain injury it is paramount that there is consistency in support.   Due to unforeseen and difficult circumstances, I had to act for one of my clients to find an alternative legal employer for their support workers. I chose to approach HomeCareDirect who responded quickly and efficiently with no detriment to my client’s support regime”

Bobbie Hallam, Case Manager, Rehab Without Walls

“I have a number of clients who have used the services of HomeCareDirect over the years.  Client’s come first with HomeCareDirect. The ability for client’s to choose their support workers and have flexible support is invaluable and empowering”

Rebecca Hey, Brain Injury Case Manager, Occupational Therapist & Director, The Rehabilitation Partnership

“I am a case manager working with Brain Injured Adults and Children.  HomeCareDirect provide a very professional, tailor made service to clients requiring bespoke rehabilitation, care and support packages.  They are sensitive to the clients unique needs and work hard to ensure suitable candidates are found to meet those needs exactly.  When issues arise they are responsive and available to ensure the client and the employees are supported appropriately.  I have worked with HomeCareDirect on numerous occasions in some very difficult circumstances and have always found them to be approachable, professional and empathetic to the client’s needs.  I continue to work with them and will always approach them when I have a new support worker to recruit”

Christine Collins, Brain Injury Case Manager and Occupational Therapist, The Rehabilitation Partnership

“I have worked with HomeCareDirect for a number of years.  The service they provide offers good value for money to clients who want a bespoke package of care without the responsibility of directly employing their staff”

Allison Saltrese, RGN, BA[Hons], DipMan[Open], MSc,  RT Disability Consultants Ltd