Case Management and HomeCareDirect – it works!

Duncan Coleman was a passenger in a car involved in an accident in 1992 when he was 3 years old and sustained a severe head injury. The compensation claim was finally settled in 2009.

Duncan attended a specialist school and personal assistants had been recruited to provide classroom assistance to help him. As a teenager Duncan’s needs for support in the community had increased, so the role of the personal assistants for school support was no longer meeting his needs. HomeCareDirect was approached in 2006 to assist in the employment of two additional personal assistants.

HomeCareDirect were able to employ two personal assistants that Duncan knew well and had chosen to provide the extra support he needed.

With HomeCareDirect involved as the legal employer of the staff and providing full payroll services, employment support, staff supervisions and training, the case manager was able to concentrate on the rehabilitation and settlement side of the package. This allowed time for preparing reports for court whilst safe in the knowledge that the package was being well managed.

Duncan’s need and his support package have changed significantly over the years, and HomeCareDirect have been able to provide a flexible package of support to meet his needs, fully supporting Duncan through his years at residential college. Duncan now has a full package of support enabling him to live independently in the community.

The case management team have been able to reduce their input since they are safe in the knowledge that HomeCareDirect continue to manage the package, whilst Duncan has continuity of staff, employment support for the staff team, quality recording, monitoring and communication systems and is empowered to live independently at home.