“You choose your own staff – it’s really like an extended family!”

Frances is 35 years old and lives in Derbyshire and has used personal budgets and direct payments with HomeCareDirect for 6 years. Frances, together with her family, would like to share their experience.

Frances has learning disabilities and diabetes and lives an independent life in a bungalow with her team of four personal assistants. They start at 4pm during the week, sleep over, and then finish at 8.30am the following morning. She stays at her Mum and Dad’s at the weekend. Her care needs are principally the administering of medication and managing challenging behaviour. Frances enjoys baking and having friends over for tea. She works at a bowling alley for a couple of hours at the weekend, goes to Roseleigh most days where she takes part in their dancing workshops and shows and goes to Church on Sundays. Frances also helps out at a local Oxfam shop which she really enjoys.

Frances chose her own personal assistants

Since joining HomeCareDirect, Frances and her family have been able to choose their own personal assistants for the first time. Frances’s Mum said “Direct Payments are excellent – I absolutely can’t speak highly enough of them – the major good point is that you choose your own staff”. Frances now has a stable team of personal assistants who have really bonded well with each other and with Frances – “It’s really like an extended family.”

No need to worry

At HomeCareDirect we work closely to ensure that we take care of any problems for Frances and her family so they don’t have to worry. Frances’s Mum remembers when Frances had a problem “Frances wasn’t happy with a carer. She wrote to HomeCareDirect and they sorted it out. Before, I would have had to deal with it myself”

Would Frances and her family recommend HomeCareDirect?

“Oh yes – definitely!” says Frances’s Mum. “I actually do it – a few weeks ago I gave a presentation to other people in similar circumstances and I recommended HomeCareDirect – they really help you out. Communication is really good. Next to looking after her yourself, it’s the next best thing”

We’d like to extend our thanks and warm wishes to Frances and her family for allowing us to use their story.