“It’s made a significant difference to my life”

Jayne is 45 years old and lives in West Yorkshire. Jayne has myalgic encephalomyelitis (also known as ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and heart problems.

Jayne lives with her father who used to be able to support Jayne at home but increasingly they felt that they needed additional support. She loves animals and has five small dogs, an African grey parrot and one fish.

Jayne contacted HomeCareDirect following a visit from her care navigator who informed her of her options. Jayne hadn’t heard of personal budgets or direct payments before and decided to discuss it with her social worker. Initially she found that her social worker was worried – “in the beginning, it was like she was trying to put me off! But then I contacted HomeCareDirect and initially I went through Tamara who was really wonderful! HomeCareDirect did everything for me”

HomeCareDirect was able to help Jayne find the right person to support her at home. At HomeCareDirect we worked together with Jayne to place an advert and Jayne chose who she would like to interview. Jayne wanted the interviews to be at her house and a representative from HomeCareDirect assisted her with the interviews to ensure all employment aspects were covered.

This allowed Jayne to concentrate on more specific questions relating to her own circumstances – she especially wanted someone who also loved animals.

The interviews were successful and Jayne chose her support worker. HomeCareDirect then completed all the employment checks – including references, criminal record checks (DBS) and provided the necessary induction and training. HomeCareDirect now employ Jayne’s chosen support worker on her behalf, whilst continuing to ensure that all the monthly invoicing and payments are taken care of so Jayne doesn’t have to worry.

Jayne has 4 hours of support a day. She has help with meals, housework, ordering medication, attending appointments and more general assistance to keep structure and routine in her day which she finds helpful. When asked about the positive benefits she has seen using personal budgets with HomeCareDirect she says “You can employ who you want after interviewing them, rather than just anyone coming in or out. You can choose what times they come in which is better suited to my needs. HomeCareDirect do the paperwork and manage the budget – it’s made a significant difference to my life”

Would you recommend HomeCareDirect to other people using personal budgets or direct payments? “Yes, certainly!”

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to Jayne for allowing us to share her story.