Personal budgets – they work!

Peter’s life changed dramatically at the age of 16, after a road traffic accident. The accident caused permanent injury to him, leaving Peter with a broken neck. After 13 months of hospital care Peter was left paralysed in all four of his limbs, unable to use his hands and wrists effectively and therefore in need of support to live independently at home.

Over time, Peter, like most people, learnt to deal with his various physical disabilities, but what seemed to disable him the most was being surrounded by too much unwanted care agency interference, and ever changing personal assistants. Via a personal budget and HomeCareDirect, Peter was able to have the freedom to choose and be in control of his own affairs, giving him the opportunity to live the lifestyle he really wants for himself.

As Peter says “It’s critical to get the right person and I wanted to do the recruiting myself; HomeCareDirect were happy to let me do that, but taking on things like the payroll and being an employer would have been a pain, so they do that for me. This kind of service gives you choice and control to do things in a way that makes most sense to you in your own particular circumstances. As an option to any other form of care, right now, there’s nowhere else you can get this type of flexibility. This form of support is pretty close to perfect”.