“HomeCareDirect staff are really friendly and sort things out for me”

Ryan is 27 years old and lives at home with his mum and dad in County Durham. Ryan has learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, is registered blind and is a wheelchair user. Ryan is a positive and happy young man. Ryan’s father, Stephen, is paid for a number of hours a day to look after him in the family home. He assists Ryan in the mornings to get ready for the day centre that he attends; his wife assists him with this as it takes 2 people. He provides all the personal care, preparing meals and ensuring Ryan’s nutritional needs are met as Ryan has difficulty swallowing safely, this is due to him being born with a cleft lip and soft palate. “What a lot of people don’t realise is that you can get family members as carers” says Stephen. “I spoke to another carer who looks after his son and he didn’t know anything about direct payments.”

At HomeCareDirect we work with many families who would like to take the role of a paid carer, usually for their son or daughter at home, and in many cases this will be possible. The health and well-being of the whole family is our priority in these cases. We work closely with each of our families to find a model of care that works for them, including the provision of adequate respite and, in many cases, offering support and advice for them as they consider their plans for the future.

Ryan’s father, Stephen, has been a paid carer for Ryan ever since contacting HomeCareDirect in 2007. He had heard about direct payments and decided to find out if it would suit their situation. We were glad to help and set about ensuring Stephen was adequately trained to CQC standards to look after Ryan and to manage all his ongoing training and support.

We also worked with the family to arrange his funding and to ensure that all the legalities of employment were taken care of – including payroll, national insurance, PAYE and holiday pay. Also ensuing that the time was taken to recognise and provide the care Ryan needs and time allowed to provide the care Ryan needs to an excellent standard by the people who know him best – his family.

“I don’t have any problems with it” says Stephen, “it just works out for you. HomeCareDirect staff are really friendly and sort things out for me – they make an effort to ring me up and ask how I am”

If you, or someone you know, is interested in finding out more about HomeCareDirect, personal budgets and direct payments then we would be very pleased to hear from you.

We would like to extend our warmest wishes to Ryan and his father, Stephen, for sharing their experiences with us.