The last twenty four hours have seen the publication of guidance from the Care Quality Commission for family members considering the use of CCTV in care settings and Sir Robert Francis QC’s ‘Freedom to Speak Up’ report on supporting whistle-blowers in the NHS.

CQC’s guidance on CCTV


Care Quality Commission (CQC) today provided guidance on CCTV use for family members of people who use services which can be viewed here.

The CQC have previously issued guidance for care providers on the same topic which can also be viewed in full here.

Discussing the use of CCTV in social care UKHCA‘s Policy Director, Colin Angel said:

“Views on the use of CCTV and other surveillance equipment are highly divided, and it is highly undesirable that surveillance techniques should be a first line response to concerns about the standards of care. Trust, openness and a willingness to investigate concerns should underpin the delivery of all care services.

“However, we know from high-profile coverage that CCTV has been very effective in capturing abuse and neglect. As this technology becomes increasingly available more people will consider using it, either with or without the care provider’s knowledge.

“CQC’s guidance today provides sensitive advice to people considering the use of surveillance equipment. We strongly recommend that care providers review CQC’s new guidance, as it is likely that people who use services, their family and care workers may ask for advice in coming weeks.”

Freedom to Speak Up


Sir Robert Francis has repeated his call for a culture change in the NHS, to protect whistle-blowers and ensure that organisations learn from concerns raised by staff. While Sir Robert’s review concentrates on the NHS there are similar learning points for social care services.

The review provides twenty points for consideration, almost all of which can be used by social care organisations to check their own whistleblowing policies and procedures and their overall approach to handling and learning from concerns raised.

See the report and executive summary in full here.