Here at HomeCareDirect we have made some great changes to our training certificates

Training CertificatesTraining Certificate

We have been asked to modify the certificates people who have had training from us receive,  specifically to include parts of the syllabus in order to help you receive acknowledgement of the areas your have covered and what you have learnt from the course.

These changes have now been made by our training department and from now you will receive HomeCareDirect certificates that have syllabus content printed on them to assist you with recognition of prior learning.

All new personal assistants receive induction training when they join HomeCareDirect. Personal assistants are then presented with an individualised training programme, which covers the basics of care, but is also specially designed to train them to provide the care that person they support requires. We have had great success in delivering training to personal assistants, our training courses involve theory and practical hands on techniques with support from our qualified and experienced community nurse assessors and an individuals existing personal assistants.

Please get in touch with us here to find out more.