Financial pressures are mounting for many charities working with vulnerable people and those with learning disabilities, which is threatening services, but they are finding new ways to keep going. Andrew Mourant from Learning Disability Today reports:

Together is Better

With a case study showing how Naomi Perkins, a severely autistic 26-year-old, life, health and well-being was improved by the hard work and dedication of  Cardiff-based charity Touch Trust. Dilys Price, Touch Trust’s founder, wanted Cardiff City councillors to witness this work in action before it began making hard decisions on budget cuts. She also wanted them to see other work the charity does, such as hands-on therapeutic programmes that cater for the principality’s most disabled people. But, despite her invitation, they never turned up. Instead they axed Touch Trust’s £15,000 grant. It’s one of 14 voluntary organisations in the city to lose all its council money in the past year. See the full article here.

Sadly this is the story across the country with many charities facing tough finanacial times and funding cuts, here at HomeCareDirect we value the great work that many charity and voluntary groups do and this has inspired us to set up our won charity, Together is Better.

Together is Better is a charity aimed at championing personal budgets in order to improve people’s health and well-being. We see personal budgets as a unique opportunity to encourage integration and partnership between support services, helping people live independently in their own home – with complete control over how they receive their support and who provides it.

Together is Better is also campaigning for an increase in donations from the private sector to the charity and voluntary sector, in order to provide a sustainable future for the services that have a positive impact on peoples quality of life and further strengthen the partnership approach to their care at home.

Together is Better is here to make sure that charities such as Touch Trust get the recognition they deserve and the funding they need.

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