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Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale Mind

24 Huntriss Row Scarborough YO11 2EG
Phone: 01723339838
Web Site: www.swrmind.co.uk

Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale Mind provide support to adults with mental health problems in Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale and have told us the following about their services.

Our support is designed to help people:

  • Become healthier
  • Lead full, independent and rewarding lives
  • Become more involved, included and active in community life
  • Reach their potential

We have 11 staff and 60 trained volunteers who provide support to 518 people each year either directly or through introductions to other agencies. We use the acronym ‘SEPIA’ to describe the 5 types of support we offer:

  • Social – companionship to combat isolation, share experiences, build confidence and increase self-esteem through supporting people to achieve their goals and participate more fully in community life
  • Emotional – providing support through a ‘listening ear’ to help avert crises and deepen feelings of self-worth
  • Practical – help with day-to-day tasks such as shopping, attending appointments or filling in forms
  • Information – ensuring people have accurate and up to date information so they can make informed choices and exercise greater control over their lives
  • Advocacy – a companion to ensure a person’s voice is heard, for example at a medical appointment, benefits review or when making a complaint

Isolation is a major problem for people with mental health problems and we provide long-term support through our befriending service. Volunteer ‘befrienders’ are matched with service users and offer companionship and ‘SEPIA’ support. The service has supported 1,152 people and trained over 500 volunteers since 2002.

We offer a housing support service to clients with severe and enduring mental health problems. This helps people stay living independently in their own homes through their illness. The service can support up to 23 people at any one time and is currently only available in Scarborough.

Our social prescribing service is attached to Scarborough’s NHS Walk-in Centre. It offers short term support to people with mild to moderate mental health problems living in the town. Social prescribing can reduce the need for medication through providing supported access to leisure, education, healthy living and green spaces to improve mental health. We have supported 189 people since April 2010.

A user led drop-in centre provides opportunities for social and peer support.

We are a partner in Scarborough’s Changing Lives project, providing housing support to single homeless people leading chaotic lives. We have a staff member seconded to the project, ensuring 24 service users are supported with their mental health needs.

We are a partner in Scarborough’s Healthy Finances project beginning in September 2013. This project will provide advice on employment, housing, debt and welfare benefits to people with mental health problems.

A key feature of our organisation is all staff and 75% of volunteers have experienced mental health problems. Therefore, we have a deep understanding of the issues clients face and are able to offer volunteering opportunities and, sometimes, employment to people as their health improves. 97% of volunteers with mental health problems say supporting others is a positive contributor to their recovery.