Our resident dare devil Claire Pugh did a Charity Parachute Jump on 12th of April and has survived to tell the tale!

Claires Skydive

This exciting event took place at Langar Airfield in Nottingham and was supported through the Skyline Parachuting Team. The jump was from 13,000 feet and it takes about 20 minutes on the plane to get to that height. On exit Claire was in free-fall at approx. 120MPH until the parachute opened. On the day is was between -10 and -15 degrees as you jump, so pretty cold all the way up there.

As well as ticking something off her bucket list Claire was raising funds for Alzheimer’s Society by doing this amazing challenge she raised almost £500 for this great cause.

All of us here at HomeCareDirect would like to congratulate Claire on this brilliant achievement and we’re glad to see her safely back on the ground. Claire has said “I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be on the day and the instructors were great, they really looked after me. It was amazing; I absolutely loved every second of it and would love to do it again”

You can also see the video of Claire’s amazing adventure on our You Tube channel here.


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