Community Nurses – Self Employed

HomeCareDirect is an internet based framework, registered with the CQC, to support all client groups with up to complex needs at home for all England. We have a ‘Good’ CQC classification. We have been registered with the CQC for 14 years and currently employ full time nurses, in a care management capacity which is ongoing. HomeCareDirect is registered as a ‘care agency’ because we employ and train PAs/carers chosen by our clients to support them at home. We have a duty of care to our clients. HomeCareDirect is personalisation in practice with local people supporting local people. Our clients are funded by direct payments for both social care and by personal health budgets for health care, by case management and also privately following compensation payments.

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We are now reaching out to self employed nurses, with community experience, across England, to ask if you would wish to explore working in independent partnership with HomeCareDirect to seek to build a case load of clients to be supported at home and out of long stay hospitals? Such clients could come from referrals, via HomeCareDirect head office, and/or from local contacts and clients who may already be known to you as a self employed nurse. It would be the client choice to choose you to be the qualified nurse to visit them at home on an on-going basis. Such visits would come under the HomeCareDirect CQC registration standards and would involve you, as a self employed nurse, to create the client on-line care plan, undertake the client care needs assessments, risk assessments, client reviews, PA/carer annual supervisions and PA pre-approved training.

HomeCareDirect supports the NHS funded programmes of Personal Health Budgets (PHBs), Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC) and the NHS Transforming Care (TC) programme.


NHS England has a target to have 50,000 to 100,000 people on a PHB by 2021 (between 250 and 500 people per CCG). The current level stands at 23,000 people nationally on a PHB.

Would this fit with your current availability ?

Could you :-

  • Work from 22.5 hrs/week up to full time
  • Be available some evenings/weekends to meet the needs of your case load clients?
  • Work with HomeCareDirect to gradually build a client case load from local contacts?

Remuneration – to your status of “Self Employed” and to your level of qualifications and experience.
Up to £30.00/hr plus £5.00/hr weighting for London and South.

If you wish to explore the possibility and talk then :-

Please register an interest at

Or ring on 0345 061 9000 or e-mail