You may have noticed that this week The Guardian featured a front page article “Council funding cuts force care firms to pay less than the minimum wage”.

Carers Pay

United Kingdom Homecare Association spoke up for the home care sector and is quoted in the eighth and ninth paragraphs of the article saying “UKHCA, which represents private firms, estimates that a homecare company needs to be paid a minimum of £14.95 an hour by a council to comply with wage law and meet all costs of training. It said that one in five councils were now paying £11 or less, the lowest being £8.98 an hour. The association said that nine out of 10 councils had cut fees paid to its members in the past year, meaning firms “face a constant struggle to comply with minimum wage law. The alternative will be for them to cease trading with councils, or go out of business.”

You can see the full Guardian article here.

Here at HomeCareDirect we have definitely felt that over the last few years that councils are becoming increasingly unrealistic about the costs of care and their agency pay rates, so we welcome this issue being highlighted in the national press and UKHCA’s assistance for companies such as ours.  We truly value all the hard work that our personal assistants to and endeavour to pay them as highly as possible, and if local authorities are more open to recognising this then that can only improve things for everyone.

We’d love to hear what you think about pay rates for care staff or any of your comments on this subject so please feel free to get in touch with us here.