We recently raised a questions with the National Customer Service Centre at the Care Quality Commission (CQC) asking if solicitors can be the employers of staff who care for clients in their own home.

Employment Regulations

The CQC have confirmed to HomeCareDirect that in order too be an employer of PAs providing care in the home you need to be registered with CQC.  So for anyone to provide any of the types of services they regulate without being registered with them.  This covers the employment of home care staff by solicitors and case managers unless they are registered with CQC. So if a solicitor is managing and directing the care provided by the carers to people within their own home they must be registered with CQC to do so.

Here at HomeCareDirect we can help solve this problem for solicitors, as a fully registered CQC provider for home care services throughout the country we can take over the full legal responsibility of the chosen carers or personal assistants that are working with people in their own home.  We are able to offer employers liability insurance, full payroll services, insurance scheme to pay personal assistants sick, maternity or paternity pay – to protect the budget against such un-foreseen costs, individually managed client bank account, 24/7 telephone support for the client and their personal assistants, remote monitoring of service delivery (helping to ensure safety at all times) and care delivery to CQC standards.  We also enable the people we work with to have full choice and control over who their carers are, this could be friend, family or someone found through recruitment.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this or to talk to you further about how we can help so please get in touch with us here.