The Care Quality Commission (CQC) are running their second annual frontline health and social care staff survey during November, and would like to invite as many frontline staff to complete the survey as possible.

CQC Survey

They are keen to hear from you about your level of awareness, knowledge, and opinion of how we regulate and inspect, whether you have never come into contact with the CQC inspectors, or are an experienced member of staff who has been involved in your organisation’s inspections for years.

From consultants to junior doctors, student nurses and care assistants, they are looking for views from anyone who works on the frontline of care. It should only take 5 – 10 minutes to complete; your answers will be completely anonymous, and help CQC to develop how we better communicate and work with us all.  You can access the survey here.

Please note, the survey will remain open all through November, closing on Saturday 30th November.

HomeCareDirect have shared our thoughts with the CQC based on 10 years of working with them to help improve care at home services nationwide and would like to hear if you have done the same so please get in touch with us here.