Day-to-Day Support

We‘re here on a daily basis to help you to make the most out of directing your own support and to help you live your life, in your way!

Once you’ve chosen to use our service to help you direct your own support, alongside all the other services described throughout the website, you will also be allocated your own dedicated Care Facilitator who will develop a close working relationship with you and your chosen personal assistants.

Your experienced Care Facilitator is there to deal with any issues that may arise when directing your own support – if you need our help or advice on any matter regarding your support they will be happy to help.  As part of our service we also offer a 24/7 on-call service that means there is always someone at the end of the phone as and when we’re needed.

If a personal assistant leaves your staff team, then your Care Facilitator and our recruitment team are here to help you find a replacement. This means helping as much or as little as you like with writing job descriptions, placing adverts, managing the applications and arranging interviews – helping you to find the right person to be your personal assistant.

Your Care Facilitator, backed up by our human resources department, can also advise and help with any disciplinary issues with personal assistants, ensuring any grievances are dealt with in a professional and legal manner.

We also keep a record of all your personal assistants training, ensuring that it’s kept up to date with all the latest practices and developments, ensuring you’re receiving the best possible standard of care from a dedicated and professional team.

If one of your personal assistants is due for an update of their training we will notify you and your personal assistant and arrange an update.

In order to ensure that you are getting the most out of directing your own support we will also arrange supervisions for your personal assistants to ensure that everything is running to your support plan.

As well as all this, we’ll make sure that all the paperwork and processes involved in the daily running of the support package are managed well so that you can concentrate on directing your support – with the peace of mind that all the legalities are being taken care of.

We’re here 24/7, 365 days a year to help you live your life, your way!