Direct Payments to Continuing Health Care

Retain the same personal assistant team and have the same choice and control found with a direct payment – “With HomeCareDirect the transition between my direct payment and continuing health care became a non-event”

The movement from a direct payment to continuing health care funding can be very stressful for all involved. It doesn’t have to be!

HomeCareDirect work with clinical commissioning groups and local authorities nationwide to make the transition an easy, straight forward process without the need for change of existing support teams.

We hear all too often that people moving from a direct payment to continuing health care funding are told they will lose their existing staff teams who they employ and who provide them with successful, stable support. This isn’t, and doesn’t have to be, the case.

By using HomeCareDirect’s third party service, your personal assistants are quickly and easily transferred to our employment, whilst leaving the day-to-day control with you – a situation that continues to provide your high quality and person centred support.

You will retain all the choice and control over your services, just as you had with a direct payment. At the same time the people commissioning your healthcare will have the confidence and peace of mind that you are being supported by an organisation with many years’ experience of delivering high quality health care in the home.

We will make the transition as smooth a process as possible and will transfer your existing staff team under TUPE regulations to our employment and honour their terms and conditions and pay wherever possible.

Personal health budgets have been rolled out by the NHS from 2014 and give people much more freedom and flexibility than traditional services. If you would like us to support you onto a personal health budget we will be happy to help you make that transition.