Disability Direct are offering free training for disabled people who employ their own PAs to work with their PAs in Derby.

Disability Direct

Disability Direct who work closely with Derby City Council Social Services departments to ensure that disabled people are receiving their maximum social security benefit entitlements and potential use of Direct Payments are offering some free training days for disabled people to help them work better with their personal assistant (PAs).

These 2 training sessions are guaranteed to help you work better with your PA.

Whether people are receiving a personal budget, a direct payment or funding your own care this free training can help them become a better employer of their PAs, if they have chosen this option.

Both events are being held at The Enterprise Centre, 20 Royal Scot Road, Derby, DE24 8AJ.

The first free training course is Responsibilities of an Employer which will help you to understand the do’s and don’ts of your role as an employer of a PA. These days are being held from 10.00am to 2pm on:

Wednesday 4th September

Wednesday 9th October

The other free training course is Managing staff which will help you to find your way to work well with your PA. These days are being held at from 10.00am to 2pm on:

Monday 9th September

Monday 7th October

All of these training sessions are free and you will receive a certificate of achievement to add to your employment record.

Disability Direct are also running similar sessions in Nottingham.

To book your place please call Disability Direct on 01332 299449 or check out their website here.

These training sessions should be really useful to people who wish to take control over their care at home and become the legal employ of their PAs.  In many situations, when people want to take control of their care, they either have to employ their own PAs, taking on employer responsibility themselves, or find PAs who are willing to be self-employed.  However, there is also the HomeCareDirect’s Middle Way – which many people nationwide are already taking advantage of.  Back in 2003, HomeCareDirect realised that many people would like to take control over their care at home in this way, but do not want the responsibility of being their chosen PAs legal employer, and that PAs did not want to become self-employed.   So if you choose to use the HomeCareDirect’s Middle Way service, you will remain responsible for choosing your own PAs and organising them on a day-to-day basis.  However, we’ll be responsible for your PAs employment, insurance, tax and payroll, leaving you reassured that your PAs are employed in a legal manner.

If you’d like to hear more about how we could help you have all the choice and control over your care and home but with the responsibility of being your PAs employer then please get in touch with us here.