Electric Ray are currently working on a new documentary project, in which they’ll be following people who are about to experience a huge turning point in their life. It could be anything from reconnecting with a loved one for the first time in a long time, forging forward after a major health issue, or nervously preparing for a job interview.  Anything that is of huge significance to them personally.


They want to help these people feel a bit more ready to take on this moment in their lives, by inviting them into their salon space in central London. They can meet people going through similar experiences and receive a full, free makeover from their committed and sensitive team of stylists.  The aim is very much that, by the time they leave, they feel a bit more like themselves.

Electric Ray have completed some test filming of this project and they think it’s a great way to help people who might be experiencing a tough time to come to terms with it. Equally it can give people a little confidence boost, or just help them to feel a bit more prepared for whatever it is they have to go on and do.

To find out a bit more, all people have to do is email casting@electricray.com or call them on 0207 533 1188.  They can answer any questions you, your colleagues or people who are interested might have, ready for filming at the end of August.