Think Local, Act Personal (TLAP) have reported that more and more people and carers who use council-funded services in England are using self-directed support, reablement and information and advice services, despite fewer people overall receiving care from adult social services and the current financial climate. Although not all national targets are being reached there are positive signs for the future of personalised support.

Personalised Care

HomeCareDirect are passionate about the personalisation of care, and for almost 10 years we’ve been supporting the rights of people to have control over their support at home so we are pleased to hear that the number of people using personalised care services, even in these difficult financial times, is increasing.

Full details can be found in the report Towards Excellence in Adult Social Care (TEASC) programme here.

The TLAP Partnership has also launched a set of 3 tools to help provide information and advice in social care. These tools are available by clicking the following links:

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences of personalised care services so please get in touch with us here.