At HomeCareDirect we’re working hard to spread the word about how much of a difference personal health budgets can make in people’s lives – since we see it every day!

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We’ve been travelling the length and breadth of the country talking to individuals, families and care professionals about personal health budgets. We’re attempting to dispel some of the myths, break through the jargon and detail to people what their choices are.

Would you like to host a free training course?

HomeCareDirect are offering a series of free training courses for charities to provide a greater understanding of how personal health budgets work and the changes they represent for people. All we ask is that you provide the venue!

With 56’000 people with complex health care needs now eligible to request a personal health budget, it’s a significant chance to help people take control over their care at home.

If you’d be interested in hosting a training course for your staff or members, please contact us on 0845 0619000 or at