Help to manage your funding

An account in your name to receive your personal budget

If you have a personal budget and direct payment, HomeCareDirect can set you up a managed account to receive your funding. We’ll then help you to manage your funding – and it’s all part of the service!

Your personal budget funding will go into your individually managed account and from here we will pay all the agreed outgoings for your care at home, this will include personal assistants wages and any other services or items that have been built into your personal budget.

Funding can be paid into your managed account from both health and social care sources. If you pay a contribution towards your support package it can also go into this account.

We’ll then provide all the quarterly returns to the funding authority on your behalf – so that you can concentrate on deciding where and how to spend your personal budget.

The benefits of having a managed account:

  • Your financial risk is minimised
  • It provides safeguards against financial abuse
  • Guarantees that all bills are paid on time
  • Provides quarterly returns to the funding authority on your behalf

Another handy tool to help you direct your own support!