HomeCareDirect had a great time at the Westminster Health Forum Seminar on Personal Budgets in health and care – integration, personalisation and towards implementation on 23rd January.

speaking at confrence

The debate was held by the Westminster Health Forum in Whitehall London. It focused on the regulation of personal budgets, and the impact they are having on health and care outcomes and costs. There were lots of interesting participants to this event including, Dr Alison Austin from NHS England, Dr Angela Coulter from The King’s Fund, Elizabeth Wade from NHS Confederation, Rachel King from Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group and Lambeth Council, Julie Stansfield from In Control, Sharon Allen from Skills for Care and David Hill from Weightmans Solicitors.

We were very pleased to be able to speak at this event and contribute to this important and interesting debate.  Our Business Development Manager Bruce Adams took to the floor to talk about third party organisations being offered to people instead of them only having the choice of traditional care or becoming the employer themselves. He also talked about training for personal assistants who perform healthcare tasks and how this issue can be tackled by creating directories of gold standard level training within hospitals where personal assistants will go in with the individual and be trained in that individuals specific healthcare tasks. This is a model that HomeCareDirect have been working on in the Norfolk area and we hope will take off throughout the country.

It was great to be involved in this event and hear from many others about the challenges that the future holds for us all but also how exciting the future is for personalisation,

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