We have found a great new organisation and website we wanted to let you all know about Trilocal. Trilocal can be used to search for local businesses and support your local charities.

Trilocal is built around three main attributes… local people, local businesses and local charities. As individual groups they each offer a service that another needs or wants. Trilocal works with this and creates something a little bit different, helping the individual groups work together collectively to create the support network which the community needs.

Trilocal has been set up by an inspiring young man who was diagnosed with grade 4 cancerous brain and spinal tumours in 2009 and after several operations to remove the tumours was inspired to help others. The experience changed his life, without the support and care he has received throughout his treatment he would not be here today. This support network inspired the idea behind Trilocal. Much like the support and care he received throughout treatment, Trilocal recognises the necessity of friendship and togetherness, encompassing a true sense of community.

Trilocal is a geographically based local advertising directory, providing you with the details of local businesses that match your needs. They charge businesses an advertising fee of £15.00 inc. VAT per month and donate £7.00 of this to chosen charities within the local community. Their users, by voting daily, determine which charity receives what percentage of the funds available.

Trilocal will begin its story in the Directors own local area of Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire and will encompass the surrounding areas. However this is only the beginning, soon they hope to expand to other communities.

As the Director says “You’re the inspiration behind Trilocal. Together, with your support, we will develop and improve our local areas…. one community at a time.”

Here at HomeCareDirect we think this will be a great tool for people so hope that you can all support this great initiative.