In 2012 a group – including people who use health and social care services, providers and commissioners – worked together to develop a Charter for people who use care and support services in Norfolk. This Charter sets out principles for how providers should work to ensure people are at the centre of their care and has been named in honour of David Harwood, the County Council Cabinet Member who championed the idea.

Harwood Care & Support Charter

The Harwood Care and Support Charter in Norfolk is a shared approach to ensuring people who receive care and support services in Norfolk have the high quality services that they want.  Care and support providers who sign up to the Charter are committed to listening to people, responding with their services – or helping to find services which will work – and reporting to commissioners where things work well or could work better and HomeCareDirect are proud to have signed up to the Charter.

Being a Charter signatory means we will demonstrate to people using services that HomeCareDirect is committed to an on-going conversation about the quality of care and support services in Norfolk – and to listening to the people who use our services, responding to their needs and reporting back to commissioners where things are working well or could develop to better meet needs. Norfolk County Council will receive feedback about the Charter and monitoring it with our partners on an on-going basis through focus groups and surveys.  The information they receive should inform our strategic commissioning and help improve and develop services and it let’s us know how we’re doing and how we can continually improve our services to make sure we are doing the best for the people who choose to use our services.

We will be sending out the Charter leaflets to all the people we work with in Norfolk so they can see the clear, simple statements which explain what we have signed up to and what being a Charter signatory means we are committed to work towards.   We will also be sending the Charter cards to people we work with as a quick reminder to them of what they should expect from us as their care and support provider and what to do if things go wrong or if you have concerns.

You can find more details on the Harwood Care and Support Charter in Norfolk on the Norfolk County Council website here and here at HomeCareDirect we are proud to be part of this important initiative to listen to the experts in care at home services…the people who use them, if you’d like to share your thoughts and experience of care at home with us please let it touch here.