Heath Stroke Club have for over 30 years now provided services and support for adults living with stroke and with other physical disabilities to aid rehabilitation, maximise independence and encourage socialising.

For over three decades now they have seen times of relative financial comfort and more recently austerity, yet they keep going.

Here at HomeCareDirect we work with people and families providing their support as they want it. We also know we can’t work without partnership organisations such as the Heath Stroke Club. It is organisations such as these that are at the heart of a community.

What they do

Day Care Service includes a wide range of activities, events, trips, personal care, warm dinner and good company. They offer a small, friendly place and spend much of the time doing fun activities and laughing.

One to One Service provides support from home and within the community to help people participate in hobbies, shopping, trips, going to the gym and more.

Luncheon Club is open to anyone on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month. They have supported many people to become more independent and love life

How they work

Referral to the services can be from anyone including yourself, friends and carers or any local organisations. They cater for any physical disability including stroke, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, parkinsons etc. subject to assessment. After enquiry, they will arrange a free assessment of requirements likes and dislikes and any personal assistance someone might need. After this people can have a FREE, NO OBLIGATION trial in the day centre before you commit to joining the service.

Is there a cost?

The cost for services varies from a full-day or half-day rate for the Day Centre, plus lunch, to an hourly rate for the One to One service depending on needs. Transport can often be provided as they have their own Mini Bus but there is a minimal charge. Heath stroke club can also support you in finding out if you qualify for any help towards the cost of their services such a qualifying for disability benefits including Personal Independence Payment or Attendance Allowance — neither of which are means tested but are useful for helping you to pay for services such as theirs.

For more information please contact Heath Stroke Club on 01422 330320 or enquiries@heathstrokeclub.co.uk