Helping to make truly personalised support a success in Kirklees

HomeCareDirect is proud to be working in the Kirklees area to make truly personalised care at home a reality.

Emley Moor MastWe are currently helping people on social and health care personal budget or direct payments in Kirklees to choose and organise their own personal assistants (PAs) and get the most out of their support at home.

However we’re different, we employ and train peoples chosen PA on their behalf, leaving them all the choice and control yet without the often daunting task of being their PAs employer. We also help people avoid many of the pitfalls that can be experienced when trying to organise and control your own care.

With our Kirklees area PA database, which grows each month, we are dedicated to helping people find their perfect PAs (if they don’t have someone in mind already!).

HomeCareDirect has a genuine commitment to working with other local organisations in the Kirklees area and is involved in partnerships (locally, county-wide, regionally and nationally). We believe that if everyone works closely together it can improve peoples’ health and well-being, as well as assisting in providing high quality, value for money services.

Through our charity Together is Better, we are currently in the process of creating a directory of charity and voluntary services in Kirklees that can be used to build a circle of support around people on a personal budget or direct payment. We believe this will encourage greater partnership working in the area.

For a number of years HomeCareDirect has supported individuals and their PAs in receipt of social and health care in Kirklees. We are proud to be making a contribution in the area and also in developing sustainable relationships with the local authority, health services, third sector and communities.

Kirklees sprawls a large proportion of West Yorkshire.  With a population of over 400,000 it includes Batley, Birstall, Cleckheaton, Dewsbury, Huddersfield and  Marseden among its townships. Huddersfield is the largest populated area with a population of around 135,000.

HomeCareDirect covers all these areas.

Kirklees is the third largest Metropolitan District in the area – covering 157 square miles – 11.2% of the district is in the Peak District National Park

Over the past year HomeCareDirect have been involved in a process of consultation and change with the local authority, in developing new innovative ways for people to access the care they need. This is known as the Care Navigation service.

The introduction of the Care Navigator approach means a support related service that acknowledges and addresses the multiple and often complex needs of individuals. The Navigator focuses on people’s whole needs by supporting them to find their way to the appropriate information and services they want. By doing so, they are helping to make the most out of personalisation and self-directed support.

HomeCareDirect embrace personalisation and for 10 years we have championed choice and control, recognising that it can maximise well-being and independence in local communities. With our commitment to personalisation mirrored by Kirklees local authority alongside NHS Greater Huddersfield and NHS North Kirklees clinical commissioning groups, it means greater opportunity for local people to provide care for local people thus breaking down the barriers and contributing towards local regeneration and well-being. In our experience in other regions, this can lead to more employment opportunities, more economical choice whilst making a contribution towards tackling social exclusion.

To hear some of our success stories in the area, please visit our testimonials page here.