Helping you recruit

We’ll help you find your perfect personal assistants!

From advertising to interview, right through to employment, our recruitment team are here to we can help you build your perfect support team.

We believe that you should have complete choice and control over the recruitment process of your personal assistants from start to finish. Whoever you choose, we’ll employ the personal assistants on your behalf, meaning that you don’t have to take on their employer responsibilities.

Matching the right personal assistants with individuals builds a strong and long lasting support team. It’s imperative to find personal assistants who not only have the right skills but also the right personality and outlook.

Therefore, by using our service, you’ll have access to the various innovative ways that we’ve found work well when looking for a personal assistant.

These include advertising via the company website and social media. Furthermore, all roles are advertised on the Jobcentre Plus website and various other recruitment websites including Indeed and Monster Jobs.

On the quirkier side we’ve also advertised in local shops, local newspapers, specialist magazines. We’ve even been on local radio and worked with major football clubs! If you wish, you’ll also be provided with a number of advert cards to distribute in your local community.

Using local expertise

Alongside our own recruitment service, HomeCareDirect fully believe in working with partners when helping people find their perfect personal assistant team.

We regularly contact direct payment support services, independent living associations and other local user led organisations when helping people find their personal assistants.

Interview and selection

If people wish to apply for your vacancy, they can apply via our fully automated online application process or via a paper application form. We will then forward the applications to you so you can choose who you wish to interview.

You will then be involved in the interviewing/selection process, which we will support you with if you wish. One of our community nurses will be on hand to help you interview, or, if you want to go it alone, we will provide you with a guide on how to be a good interviewer in order to keep everything legal.

Ongoing, you will always have access to the full recruitment service in case you need to recruit new personal assistants to your team – which hopefully you won’t need!

Just another handy service from HomeCareDirect to help make directing your own support a success!