HomeCareDirect are pleased to let you know that we have been short-listed for the Care Innovator Award at this year’s prestigious Yorkshire and Humberside Great British Care Awards!

The Great Yorkshire and Humberside Care Awards is part of a series of regional Great British Care Awards.  The winners from all the regional awards will then be invited to attend the National Events for either home care services or care homes sectors held in London in April and June 2015.

All those nominated have to go through a nerve jangling judging day event, this year it was held in York.

The judging day included a 20 minute interview, photo shoots and the preparation of a 50 word statement explaining what the nomination means to you.

Gary Smelt, Partnerships and Communities Officer and Gabrielle Clay, Operations Director from HomeCareDirect attended and here is what they had to say about the day:


“Initially we were a little confused as on entering the Holiday Inn as we were greeted with what looked like a booking area for the Circus, so we thought the circus must be coming to town! Little did we realise we were part of the circus as the theme for the awards this year is The Circus!”

“We spent some time talking with other nervous nominees in the waiting informal area. The area was quite full but we got the chance to meet people who were here to be considered for a range of 16 awards such including, The Care Home Activity Organiser Award, The Ancillary Worker Award, The Care Trainer Award, The Frontline Leaders Award, The Home Care Co-ordinator Award, The Putting People First Award and of course that category we have been nominated for The Care Innovator Award.”

“The judging was held in a board room style environment, we were interviewed by three judges and were asked four questions, it was very formal but credit to the judges who made the experience as relaxed as they were able to.”

“After the interview we returned to the holding area where we had photos taken for the award night including photo head shots in a choice of circus costumes, Gabrielle went for a mask and scarf and I (Gary) went for the silly nose and big rainbow coloured wig!”

The awards night took place on Friday 31st October at the Railway Museum York, and Gary and Gabrielle attended the event and had a great evening, the venue was lovely and didn’t they look smart.

Great British Care Awards














Unfortunately we didn’t win the award this year, it went to Woodleigh Care but we are honoured to have been nominated and congratulate all those who were short-listed and the winners of the regional awards.

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