Benefits of a Personal Budget and Direct Payment

Personal budgets and direct payments are a way of recognising that every person’s situation is different and that you and your family are experts in your own situation and should therefore remain in control of it.

Traditionally, if you needed support at home, a social worker would visit you and do a care assessment where they would talk to you about your needs. The services you receive would be based around this and then arranged for you.

Personal budgets work completely differently.

You will still be assessed by a social worker, however money will be allocated to you by the local authority and then paid to you or someone holding the money on your behalf. This money can then be used to arrange your own support and buy the services you want to use rather than services being prescribed to you – giving you more independence, choice and control.

If you need a personal assistant to support you at home, personal budgets and direct payments give you the choice to employ one yourself. However, bear in mind that this will mean more responsibility for you, for example, you will need to make sure that you follow employment law, are insured appropriately and file tax records with HM Revenue and Customs.

At HomeCareDirect we think that choosing and organising your own personal assistant team is one of the most positive outcomes associated with personal budgets. It means you will know who is coming into your home and when whilst giving you the opportunity to find someone with the right personality and outlook.

We recognised that people want the choice and control of a personal budget but are daunted by all the responsibilities. Therefore, we’ve designed a service to make choosing and employing your own personal assistant team as easy as possible.

To help you direct your own support we will:

  • Help you find, recruit and train your personal assistants
  • Employ your personal assistants on your behalf ensuring everything is legal
  • Make sure everything is insured
  • Help you to manage your funding and advising where and what you can spend it on
  • Support you to avoid any of the pitfalls of self-directed support

Therefore, by choosing us to help you direct your own support you will get all the benefits without the admin hassles!