Our innovative iCareBuddy makes managing your care team that little bit easier!

HomeCareDirect are always on the lookout for ways to make it easier to direct your own support.

As part of the service you will be supplied with an iPod loaded with our very own iCareBuddy App.

Using our iCareBuddy will help you manage your personal assistant’s visits. Each of your personal assistants will be given their very own unique PIN which they will use to clock in and out of a shift.

The iCareBuddy will then create an electronic time sheet for each of your personal assistants, which is used to calculate their pay whilst providing consistent recording of their hours.

It will also monitor their training so we know when they’re ready for updates, which HomeCareDirect will help you arrange.

The iCareBuddy can also notify the on-call service if one of your personal assistants fails to arrive or is late for a scheduled visit so we can help you to arrange cover.

Another little helpful tool to help you direct your own support!