Individual Service Fund (ISF) offers individuals great choice and control over the services they receive. The provider manages both the personal budget and provides the care and support from their own services, or by purchasing other support on an individual’s behalf.

A new paper, sponsored by UKHCA, from In Control and Helen Sanderson Associates, offers a guide to how ISF’s can be introduced in home care services, using the experience of users, providers and commissioners.

UKHCA‘s Policy Director, Colin Angel, said: “ISF’s are a positive move away from time and task commissioning, where a rigid list of care activities are specified to be performed at specific times of the day within a rigid timescale. Enabling the individual to design their service directly with their home care provider can produce better outcomes, while also offering potential cost-savings, compared to traditionally commissioned services.”

The Individual Service Funds for Home Care guide is available here

Home Care Direct has been offering ISF’s for sometime and is glad to see that local authorities and commissioners are starting to recognise this as another step towards personalisation for all.