HomeCareDirect was truly humbled and inspired to received an email from Tim letting us know about his website http://www.timsstroke.co.uk/

In 2004 Tim had a massive brain-stem stroke and was locked-in, Tim was 42 years of age and nearly died.  After his stroke with just eye movement for communication he was told not to expect anything more.  He is now a wheelchair user and is making the best of his life, living independently, with support in his own home.  Tim has started his own website, which is updated monthly, to tell his story.  You can read about Tim and his life, download a poster, browse lovely photographs, do quizzes and word-searches and leave comments for Tim.

Tim swears by kiwi fruit and eats 4 a day, hasn’t caught a bug or cold since 2007!  This started an interesting conversation in the HomeCareDirect office about this much forgotten fruit.

Tim’s story is testament to the strength that people can show after a life changing event and that being in control of your life makes all the difference to people’s quality of life.

Thank you Tim for sharing your story with us and we look forward to your updates.  Please have a look at Tim’s website and if you’d like to share your stories with us please get in touch.