It’s that time of year again when we are all starting to sniffle and cough as the weather changes and HomeCareDirect thought we’d remind you that getting a flu jab is a good idea, especially as many of us work with elderly or vulnerable people who may be more susceptible to illness.

Flu Jab

Having an annual  flu jab every autumn to protect again seasonal  flu is recommended by  the NHS for people in at-risk groups, such as people with long-term medical conditions and pregnant women. Side effects from the annual jab are rare, but some discomfort is possible, as well as more serious side effects affecting a small number of people. As it does not contain a live virus, the flu vaccination cannot cause the flu.

Flu Vaccination is one of the simplest and most effective ways of protecting your health, productivity and peace of mind. Whether you are a private individual concerned about avoiding an unpleasant illness and its complications, or a company concerned about business continuity and the welfare of your staff, we have the practical experience and the specialist expertise to help you.

You can visit Flu Jabs website here to find out more about flu and flu vaccination, prevention and treatment. As a specialist centre, they offer a wide choice of vaccines and look after adults and children alike. Uniquely in the UK, they are offering no fewer than six distinct types of vaccine on a walk-in basis this season. You can also find out about their drop-in service, or request a formal quotation for our call-out service for companies and organisations across the UK.

There is also more information on the NHS website here.

All of us here at HomeCareDirect hope you have a healthy and flu free autumn and winter in 2013.