Integrating Health and Social Care

Through personal budgets, we’re making integrated health and social care a reality!












HomeCareDirect were one of a handful of organisations asked by the Department of Health to help with the roll out of the Pioneer Project to integrate health and social care.

Fourteen pioneer areas transformed the way care was being delivered to patients by bringing health and social care services closer together than ever before.

Our focus is on rolling out personal budgets as the vehicle for integration

With a personal budget, people can have a team of personal assistants trained specifically in both their health and social care needs, to help them to remain living independently at home. Therefore, they have a single personal assistant team delivering their care at home – regardless of whether the funding is from health, social or both. This team forge a close working relationship with the individual and their family, meaning that they learn what approaches work best and that any slight deteriorations of a person’s condition are spotted and addressed early on.

By using the HomeCareDirect service people also have a managed bank account to hold both a person’s health and social care funding – which can then be used to pay for their personal assistants and any other health/social care services they deem will improve their health and well-being.

For an individual, this takes away the responsibilities (and often hassles) of managing both funding streams, whilst for the council or health body it provides full records of how the funding has been used. Peace of mind for all!

HomeCareDirect also act as a bridge between health and social care professionals, providing a single point of contact, ensuring that all the care needs are being met and that duplication of work is kept to an absolute minimum.

With HomeCareDirect the joining of health and social care can become a reality – nationwide.