UKHCA has joined Care and Support Alliance members in signing a letter to the Prime Minister expressing concerns that the new Care Bill could mean all but those with substantial or critical levels of need will be excluded from the social care system. This would increase the burden on the NHS, and leave hundreds of thousands of disabled, older and seriously ill people and their carers struggling to survive.

The letter featured in a Telegraph article on 19th May.

The article states that more than a million elderly and disabled people who are in need of care could be shut out of the social care system because of the fine print of the Government’s reforms in the Care and Support Bill.

In recent years, with reductions in funding, councils have tightened up the eligibility criteria within care need assessments, meaning that in most areas only those deemed to have “substantial” needs qualify — usually meaning they can no longer live on their own.

We at Home Care Direct have noticed that many people who previously would have qualified for some support through social care after a care needs assessment are no longer meeting the eligibility criteria and this is leaving many people vulnerable.  We have found many people are either not qualifying for services or the amount of funding they are being given through their direct payment or personal budget is very low, which makes it hard for people to get the services they need.

Home Care Direct will be interested to see the response that the letter to the Prime Minister gets and will keep you up to date here.  If you’ve had experience of the social care system, good or bad we’d love to hear from you, please contact us here.