Local Authorities

HomeCareDirect offer a truly unique and innovative service to help people get the most out of their personal budgets and direct payments.

At HomeCareDirect we place great importance on our professional partnerships and we work closely with local authorities up and down the country. By collaborating with commissioners and social workers in the field we are able to make a genuine difference to people’s lives, helping them to manage their own support whilst also meeting their health and well-being outcomes.

We fully understand and embrace the fact that no two people are the same or want services in the same way.

The HomeCareDirect third party approach is an option for people who would benefit from the freedom that personal budgets and direct payments give but are concerned about the responsibility this can bring – such as being too daunted to employ their own personal assistants or manage their own funding.

Since HomeCareDirect take this responsibility on for them, we are able to open up self-directed support via personal budgets and direct payments to a much wider range of people, helping local authorities to keep people living independently in their communities.

“It’s just like calling in the cavalry”.

Some of the people we work with have managed their own staff teams in the past but due to a variety of factors, such as unpaid tax and national insurance bills or employment tribunals, their services have hit problems or even fallen down, meaning that the individual reverts back to traditional service delivery.

This is where third parties such as HomeCareDirect can help.

HomeCareDirect support many people who have found being the employer of their own personal assistants too challenging. The individual/family still manage the existing staff members and rotas, whilst HomeCareDirect employ the personal assistants on their behalf, ensuring that the care is delivered to CQC standard and that the employment of the personal assistants is managed legally and professionally.

This helps take the pressure off the individual so they can focus on receiving the care they need in the way they want. In turn, the personal assistants are confident that their employment and wages are being managed professionally and commissioners are comfortable that people are safe and well cared for at all times.