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Canterbury City Council

Military Road Canterbury CT1 1YW
Phone: 0122 7862000

Canterbury’s skyline is dominated by the stunning Cathedral, which is the oldest in England. But the cathedral is only part of the story; the ancient ruins of St Augustine’s Abbey and St Martin’s Church form Canterbury’s UNESCO World Heritage Site while other ancient ruins such as the Castle are reminders of the city’s history, heritage and culture. Also famous for as being the place Thomas Beckett, Archbishop of Canterbury was murdered in 1170.  He engaged in conflict with Henry II of England over the rights and privileges of the Church and was murdered by followers of the king in Canterbury Cathedral.

Although Canterbury is a place steeped in tradition it is also a modern and vibrant city and a good way to explore it is on foot. Walking trails or guided tours along the winding lanes and streets, all with their own unique identify, will help you to appreciate Canterbury’s finest and historical architecture set against outstanding scenic views. The crystal clear waters of the River Stour offer a home to ducks, swans, fish and other wildlife while the river banks have an array of bending willow trees and wild flowers.

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