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Coventry City Council

Council House Earl Street Coventry CV1 5RR
Phone: 0247 6833333

Coventry City Council is the local government body responsible for the governance of the City of Coventry. Coventry was the world’s first twin city when it formed a twinning relationship with the Russian city of Stalingrad (now Volgograd) during World War II. The relationship developed through ordinary people in Coventry who wanted to show their support for the Soviet Red Army during the Battle of Stalingrad. The city is now also twinned with Dresden, Lidice and 23 other cities around the world.

Hostile attitudes of the city folk towards Royalist prisoners held in Coventry during the English Civil War are believed to have been the origin of the phrase “to be sent to Coventry”, which in Britain means “to be ostracised”; although their physical needs were catered for, the Royalist prisoners were literally never spoken to by anybody.

Here at HomeCareDirect we have enjoyed a strong partnership in the area for many years.  If you live in Coventry and want to take control of your care at home then we can help you – you can choose who your personal assistants are and we’ll employ them on your behalf, please contact us to find out more.