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London Borough of Barnet Council

North London Business Park (NLBP) Oakleigh Road South London N11 1NP
Phone: 0208 3592000
Web Site: www.barnet.gov.uk

The London Borough of Barnet is a borough in North London and forms part of Outer London. It is the second largest London borough by population over 330,000 and covers an area of over 30 square miles, it also borders Hertfordshire.

Barnet council works in close partnership with the health service and the voluntary sector to provide information, advice and services for people who feel they may need some help and support at home.  HomeCareDirect have worked in many areas of London since our services began in 2003.

The Barnet Care Directory can also provide you with an overview of the range of support available. The directory is relevant to any adult in need of care who either receives support from the council or funds their own support and can be found on the council’s website.

If you live in the Barnet area and would like to find out how we can help you with your care at home then please give contact us.