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London Borough of Bromley Council

Civic Centre Stockwell Close BR1 3UH
Phone: 0208 4643333
Web Site: www.bromley.gov.uk

The Borough of Bromley is a large suburban town in South East London, it is an area that has developed into one of a handful of regionally significant commercial and retail districts outside central London and has formed part of Greater London since 1965.  And H. G. Wells, most famous for his novel The War of the Worlds, was born in Bromley in 1866.

London Borough of Bromley Council provide services for people who are disabled or ill, so that they and their carers get the care they need and can live as independently as possible.  HomeCareDirect are pleased to have been working in the area for almost a decade and have been able to provide many people with truly personalised home care – using personal budgets and direct payment funding provided by Bromley Council, we are keen to continue working in partnership with the borough.

If you’d like hear more about HomeCareDirect and how our services could help you remain independent at home while getting the care and support you need then please contact us.